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Rainer Meyer is the man behind RAINER`S HEALTH HOUSE and RAINER`S HEALTH ACADEMY.

After being a soldier for twelve years, Rainer started a new life, he went back to school and got his degree as a MASSAGE THERAPIST in Germany, he worked in a friends clinic for a few years.
In 1989 Rainer started his own clinic.
1995 he got his degree as a PHYSIOTHERAPIST.

Further courses and education:
1985 - Sport Physiotherapist
1986 - Lymph Drainage Therapist
1988 - Manual Therapist
1989 - Loop Table Therapist
1991 - Master of Chiropractic / Sweden
1994 - Acupuncture / The Indonesian College of Oriental Medicine - Jacarta
2002 - Therapist for Acupoint-Massage acc. to Penzel / Body Energy Treatment
2003 - Instructor for the Body Energy Treatment
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